Meet Schedules

Since we are involved in different leagues, here are all three meet schedules. Please note that for the USA and Tri-State Schedules, you have to register to participate. For more information on that, please ask a coach or email us! All three swim meet dates are to be considered tentative.

USA Long course: Spring/Summer

All deadlines are determined by the host team and USA guidelines. If your child wants to participate, you must notify Charlie or Casey. One of us will make sure the information is notified to the correct person for your child to be in the meet. Late/Deck entries are not always accepted. So, it is best to turn your notification in promptly.

*Please refer to payments and dues for more information.*


Coming Soon!

More * Dates  can be added/ or deleted



Fall Rec JaLeague 2017

Please go to the bottom of the page to sign up for the meets your child will be attending!  

This schedule is still tentative due to contract agreements to be made. Please continue to check back for updates that maybe made.


Rec league begins:


* * *Note we will need to have at least 1-2 parent/guardians/siblings/friends/grandparents volunteer at least 1x a week. This will help ensure the meets get started on time and your swimmers get home faster and get to bed with the rest they need. You will receive a free heat-sheet and stay cooler while watching your kid on the deck swim their little hearts out.  
  • Any equipment that is a malfunction that occurs during a meet, is not a guarantee from the swim club  that such will not effect a swimmers time* All coaches, timers , volunteers  and equipment will be taken seriously and will take all actions possible to make sure that the swimmer receives proper credit when due. 
  • Please make sure if you are not helping on the deck to remain seated in the areas provided above the pool. This gives the coaches and swimmers the room they need. Staying above deck is less risk for anyone to fall that is not a registered volunteer or swimmer. 
  • All efforts will be made for swim meets to start at 6 pm : unless changes are being requested to be made by coaches or other unforeseen circumstances arise 
  • Our team has the right to charge for heat sheets , cost may change due to the amount of participants – i.e. championships 

Tri-State Summer meets and rules :

Meets TBD of which we are attending: 

  1. June 2& 3 : Nevada
  2. June 9& 10: Siloam (outside)
  3. June 16 & 17: Lamar
  4. June 23 & 24 :Carthage
  5. June 30 * July 1 : Parsons
  6. July 7&8 : Pittsburg (Pitt State)
  7. July 14 & 15: Branson
  8. July 21 & 22: Joplin
  9. July 28 & 29 {B Finals} : Siloam
  10. Aug 4 & 5 { A Finals}: Monett

Tri-State Rules:

  • You must attend THREE meets to qualify for the Championships. You do not have to attend the whole weekend, you can do a single day. This is dependent on whether you want to swim at the Championships, if you do not care, then it doesn’t matter how many meets you attend. 
  • You can only swim events that you swim during this season at the championships. So if you don’t swim on Sunday, you will not qualify to swim those events. 
  • To compete at the A Championship, you must make the qualifying times. You can qualify for the A meet all season, even at the B Championship.



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