The Pryor location practices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 5:30-7:00pm

The Broken Arrow location practices Monday-Friday, 4:00-5:30pm

Green Group

You gotta start somewhere!

This is our group for beginners. We have separated this group into two groups, one for our beginners that do not know any strokes and one for beginners that have the basics down but are not proficient in any strokes. This group will be taught about water safety and will train to swim Recreation League distances for races (25 or 50 yards, depending on age). Swimmers in this group should be able to pay attention to coaches without being overly distracted. Swimmers should be at least 5 years old, although we have made exceptions for younger swimmers that are able to keep focus for the practice time. But still must be able to swim at least the  length of the  pool without assistance.  This group emphasizes learning and keeping the swimming experience fun, while teaching lifelong water safety skills.

Blue Group

Let’s take it to the next level!

This group is for our intermediate swimmers. This groups focusses on using the correct form, starts, and turns for the competitive strokes. To qualify for this group, the swimmer must be able to swim all 4 strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, aka front crawl) with being USA Swimming proficient in at least 3 of those. This group will be introduced to TriState and could lead to USA swimming to expand their competitive options. Swimmers in this group should be able to maintain focus for the whole practice with rarely being distracted. The swimmers in this group will start to focus on strokes that they excel at and want to specialize in. This does not mean that they will not be swimming all the strokes, just that the coaches will be asking them for some introspection as to where they see themselves in swimming. This group still focuses on fun, but will start going longer distances and endurance training.

Gold Group

Now we are cooking with gas!

This group is for our advanced swimmers. Swimmers are proficient in all competitive strokes. This group focuses on refining their technique and pushes the limits of endurance. The swimmers in this group will start setting goals that will encompass seasonal and long-term goals for themselves in swimming. Swimmers will focus on participating in more competitive atmospheres, such as USA Swimming. Our goal is to have swimmers meeting USA Swimming “B” times in at least two events, if not faster (times can be found on the link to the Oklahoma Swimming website). The swimmer should be able to remain focused the entire practice. They are also asked to start practicing more often throughout the week, including trying to make occasional morning practices.


** We offer lessons to all ages and levels of swimmers. Private lessons are offered please contact us for more information. 

As with any sport, practices are determined by the weather. Both pools close during storms that include lightning. If you have any doubts about the weather, we will send out a Remind or GroupMe message and post on Facebook. You can also call Pryor at (918) 825-6909 or BA at (918) 258-7545