Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

  1. How old do you have to be to join the team and do they have to already know how to swim?

    We primarily coach children ages 4 to 18. But depending on if the child is doing USA Swimming, they can swim much longer. No, they do not have to know the strokes. With that said, they do need to be able to swim a length of the pool without aid from a coach. We do offer private swim lessons which we would be happy to set up with you as well.

  2. Do you have room on your roster for new swimmers?

    Of course! One of the awesome things about swimming is that it is an individual-team sport. Which means that we don’t have to worry about the number of swimmers we have because there is no limit on positions like in other sports.

  3. Do we have to wait for the beginning of the season, or can we start now?

    You can start at anytime. We offer competition year-round and we rarely take a break from practices, usually in August. But you don’t have to swim year-round. We have many kids that play other sports, so they will take a break from us while they play basketball, then come back when the other sport is done.

  4. How do we start and what do they need?

    You would make a time to come in while we are at practice for a test swim. At this test swim, we will take a look at your child’s ability level to decide which group they fit into. We also offer a two week free trial to see if that is what your child is wanting to do. They need a swim suit. We aren’t picky for our newbies, so whatever suit you have on hand will work. We do wear one pieces for our team suit. If you have goggles or a cap, I would suggest you bring those as well, because we do not provide those at this time. And last but not least, a towel! Our home page has our team link to swimoutlet.com, which has recommendations for what to buy.

  5. Is attendance an issue and do I need to stay while my child practices?

    We do not have an attendance policy but with everything, the more you can practice, the better you will get. We will not penalize anyone for missing. We understand that sometimes you just can’t make it or you may have other responsibilities. No, you do not have to stay for practice. Once your child is in the pool, we are responsible for them. We have plenty of parents that use the opportunity to go to the store or workout themselves while their child is swimming.

  6. How do I know when my child is ready to start competing?

    The answer to this is not quite what parents expect. It’s usually much sooner than they think. We like to start kids at the rec level. These meets are smaller and usually less competitive than other meets and have been set up for the beginner swimmer. Once a child has learned a stroke and is confident in that stroke, they are ready for a meet. Usually we start with the child swimming only freestyle and backstroke, because these are easier to learn and a child gets confident with these a lot quicker. Then we will add the other strokes in later and build up to tougher competitions.